God of War: Impressions and stuff

Most people would agree that the showing of the new God of war back in sony’s conference was one biggest bombs of the whole e3 event. That alone would be a pretty good reason for me to devote an article to it but to be honest, I’d be writting this even if there wasn’t any hype for it simply because I’m a long time fan of this franchise.
I’ve played every single GOW game released and, to various extents, I’ve really enjoyed them all. They may not be the most technical of hack n’ slash games but they are a spectacle to behold. They’re intense and engaging and also a visual fest.
I previously stated that a new GOW game would be something I’d be excited about and it seems that Sony is gladly obliging so I couldn’t be happier …or could I? On this article I’ll go through the stuff I liked the most about this new GOW reveal and the stuff that didn’t impress me as much and… also I’ll make a couple speculations just for the fun of it.

Sony opened their event showcasing a gameplay demo of a game that turned out to be a new God of War. I previously mentioned in the “Top 10 games we’d like to get announced at the E3” that I would have liked a new GOW game but changing some stuff like the setting to bring some freshness to the formula. As you can see from the video, they didn’t change the main character but they sure did change the setting, opting for a viking sort universe. But, the biggest change of the game isn’t just the location.
I’ll tell you about it and how much I welcome those changes (or not) below. Just have in mind, that I haven’t had the chance to test the game myself and, in any case, the game isn’t finished so my opinion on the matter might change when I finally get to play the game when it releases.


Cool stuff

  • Graphics: The game looks amazing. I consider God of war graphics to be kind of a staple of the game since all of the entries on the franchise have always been great looking games (even the psp ones were amazing for their platform) and this one doesn’t seem like it will dissapoint on that aspect.
  • Story: The previous titles have always followed a very basic premise, Kratos feels betrayed by a god so he goes and takes revenge on him the only way he knows, by murdering him. That simplicity has a charm on its own since it reminds you of the old mythological tales the game is supposed to rewrite but for this game the developers are aiming to be more ambitious regarding its storytelling. The adventures between Kratos and his son seem to aim for more of a deep and mature story.
  • Open-ness: During the demo you can see some trails that the characters just don’t take because they’re following the deer but, there doesn’t seem to be any indications that you could have walked those paths if the player wanted. That, and the message “dauthamunni discovered” that appears in the over the 6th minute, makes me think that the game will have a world much more open than we had in previous entries. The developers have stated that the game won’t be an open world game but maybe we can expect something along the lines of the last Uncharted game.
  • The boy: I like Kratos’s son, he’s very cute and it seems like the game will be around Kratos teaching him the way of the warrior. I hope that we’ll be able to see some progression during the game and by the end of it he’ll be at least half as badass as Kratos himself. And if that wasn’t speculating enough… my personal guess is that in future games he will become the playable character (because Kratos can’t be there forever) and this game might be the way Santa Monica wants to introduce this character.


Not so cool stuff

  • The name: I’m still hoping that the name “God of War” to be just a placeholder prior to decide some sort of surname like with Ascension. The game looks very different but it’s no reimagining, it’s a sequel. So why would this game share the name of the original? That would make no sense to me.
  • The combat: You’ll have to bear with me with this. I won’t make a final judgement on this until I get to play the game myself or I see at least more of it but as of today, this is what I think. The camera is now kind of over the shoulder making the action more close and personal which gives it a very cool look but how will that affect the combat? Having to manage a whole crowd of enemies was a situation ever so present in all of the previous GOW games and I’m worried that the newer close camera angle will play against that. In the demo we didn’t have the chance to see Kratos facing a big group of enemies so I don’t know how that will work. What I mean is that the combat we saw on the demo looked pretty cool but do I prefer it over the classic style? I’m not completely sold on it myself. I don’t mind the fact that he’s using an axe instead of the classic chained blades, there’s probably more guns throughout the game and, what we saw about the axe didn’t look half bad.


Anyway, this is just my opinions and my wild guesses based on a 10 minute demo. I sure will be following the game close and play it as soon as I get the chance!




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