Briefiew – Oxenfree

So i was bored wanting to play something new so i went into the PSS and started browsing , and this one game caught my eye since the first moment i saw the trailer. This is an interactive graphic adventure played in 2.5D , you take control over a girl named Alex as she goes on a trip to an isolated island with her friends. What will happen in that island will change their lives forever , a trip they will never forget.


As soon as i started playing i got hooked up , is one of those indie games that it doesn’t matter what the graphics look like as long as the story and gameplay gets you in the mood and this is one of those games, its so magically and beautiful in a mysterious way you just can’t help but to love it.

Gameplay is in 2D except for the characters, you mostly just move left or right and control a girl named Alex , it also has interactive dialogue as you are able to chose what she says during conversations.

Story is short but very nice and psychological in a way, it deals with portals and time loop, kinda reminded me of Life is Strange and Firewatch. Strange events start to happen and the kids scatter through the island  and its up to Alex to find and help her friends and figure out what is going on. Will all of them make it through the night? Will the island’s mysteries be discovered and revealed? Only if you play it right!


I was very focused when playing it , and there were moments where i was a bit creeped out , but most of the time traveling through the island somehow it made me feel calm , the events that happens in the game also made me think about things that happen in life, are stuff that happens really a coincidence? Are they meant to be a sort of way? Do you decide what your future will be or is your future set for you already?

I strongly suggest this game and loved everything about it , it’s a little adventure you need to experience and if you are a fan of games like this then you should hurry and get it with no doubt.


Things i liked:

  • Mostly everything, deep and detailed story more than everything , i think is what this game is all about , but the graphics even if they are in 2D they are beautiful.



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