Top 5 things I’m not interested to see at Sony’s conference

This will be the last top list regarding the E3 event before it actually happens and this time around it isn’t about the stuff that I wish would show up but pretty much the opposite.
All of the big game companies hold a conference during the E3 to show the press (and the world) whatever they want. They are long and usually boring mostly because they’re full of stuff you just don’t care about. For every interesting game announcement there will be also 20 minutes about guys just beating around the bush and showcasing things that we just don’t care about.
This list is about that, in particular about the things that I personally don’t care about that may or may not appear during sony’s conference next tuesday.

  1. Playstation 4K – This isn’t higher on the list because Sony has stated that it won’t be present at the E3 but it still appears on here because they might as well be lying. This buffed version of the playstation 4 is something I never asked for and thus I just don’t care about it. One of the reasons I play on consoles is because when I buy a piece of hardware I know i’ll be using it for at least 5 years and I don’t plan on changing that myself. 4K can wait.
  2. Long demos of AAA titles – I don’t necessarily mean all AAA titles or exclusively those but more like demos of games we already know everything about. Like those annualized franchises like COD or Assassin’s Creed, they already have all the marketing they need and their stablished formulas don’t change that much from year to year to need 10 minutes dedicated exclusively to them. A trailer showcasing their new graphics and teasing some of the new features should be enough.
  3. Sale numbers – I’m not a investor so I don’t really care about ps4’s outselling their competitors. I know that the consoles getting good sales is good for the consumer because it results in developers investing more on the platform but I don’t really need the details. Numbers are boring.
  4. Playstation VR – I bet this could be the most controversial part of the list but I’m not sold on the whole VR craze at all. I see it just like a gimmick, just like motion controls were last gen. Something people will buy, then use a couple times to finally abandon at their closets to gather dust forever. Maybe I will buy one of those sets when the hype bubble bursts and I can find one at a bargain bin like you can do nowadays with the move.
  5. Exclusive DLC deals – Usually a timed affair, these useless DLC deals just keep getting more common each year. What is the deal about making Xbox players have to wait for the next COD DLC some weeks? Why not put those efforts in convincing developers to bring their games to your platforms instead? I’ll never understand why this became a thing.


Disclaimer: I’m not that much of fond of negative top lists because I feel like the internet is already full of negativity but I guess doing it once in a while isn’t too bad, right?


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