Briefiew – Croixleur Sigma

I didn’t even know this game existed before one day it popped out on one of those flash deals on the PSN Store. I’m kind of wary on games I haven’t heard about but, on the other hand, I’m a fan of hack n’ slash games and my vita wasn’t getting that many new releases lately so I thought gambling just a few bucks couldn’t turn out too bad. Did I waste my money? Read the review to find out!

Croixleur Sigma is a 3D hack n’slash (or should I say dash n’ slash?) available digitally for the ps4 and the psvita. In this game you’ll be going up a magical tower facing continuous challenges. The game follows its own premise quite loosely since the story is pretty thin and you’re just simply visiting circular arenas slaying any spawning monsters on each level. There is very little room for immersion into the game’s lore, instead, the game feels more like an arcade game of yore.


Gameplay-wise it’s all continuous fighting and the game’s approach to combat is on the simplistic side. There’s no combo memorization or anything really complex, Croixleur Sigma’s focus on trying to be profficient at crowd-control. Similar to musou games in that aspect, most individual enemies won’t suppose any threat to you but the game requires you to be efficient and dispose of them as quick as you can before they swarm you.

When you start the game you’ll feel that Croixleur Sigma is quite barebones in content. You’ll get into story mode, pick the only character available and then you’ll be just visiting circular arenas full of spawning monsters and about 20 minutes later you’ll be finished.
However, after that you’ll realise what this game is really about. Croixleur Sigma is really an unlock-a-thon. You have to unlock different characters, different game modes, weapons and especially accessories for the characters. The latter unlock by using the game’s currency dropped by the defeated enemies and improve your character’s abilities making them more efficient in combat and that’s the name of the game.


Visually, I couldn’t say the game is very flashy. It runs well on both consoles, and even though the graphics are better on the ps4, the game’s basic look feels less out of place on the handheld.
The game goes for a cel-shaded appearance that makes the low polygon count to not look too bad. Unfortunately, the lack of impressive technical qualities doesn’t get distracted by some great artistic designs like in other low-budget games. I found the designs for the arenas and the heroines to be derivative and particularly the enemy design is completely uninspired.


Things I liked

  • Surprisingly addictive: The combat might be on the simplistic side yet I found myself unable to stop playing this little game constantly. Every run makes you earn more coins which you’ll use to buy better accessories to be better in the next run and earn more coins to buy even better accessories… it’s an endless loop for efficience and character buffing.


Things I didn’t

  • Lacking content: Even though the game isn’t as shallow as it seems at first and you get to unlock a lot of stuff… summing it all up it still isn’t that big of a game. The arenas might change in textures but they’re still all the same round shape everytime and, without the color swaps, you could count all of the enemy types with your fingers in both hands (bosses included).
  • Obvious low budget: Some games manage to hide the fact that they were made with a very small budget but Croixleur Sigma doesn’t. Everything on this game feels very basic: the graphics, the menus, the weapons, the story…


Who’d like this?

Even though I can see this isn’t a very well-rounded game I still spent a good time with the game. By objective standards it might not be that good of a game but I found it to be a perfect time waster. I guess this game appeals to me in a very similar way than musou games do. It certainly isn’t deep in its combat mechanics, instead, it’s all about being efficient and getting your character stronger by grinding for better equipment. So, I feel that if you enjoy musou games in that sense you could enjoy this game as well.
If you don’t feel that “approach” appealing at all though, the other flaws of this game will probably make you hate it.


<The game is available for ps4 and vita and it’s crossbuy enabled>



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