Top 10 games we’d like to get announced at the E3

I already said that this was coming but here it is. Games we don’t know if they’ll ever exist yet we cross our fingers to see them appear at the e3. This event is like Christmas when you’re a kid, you never know what you’ll be getting but you hope for the best and then when you don’t get it you just shrug and wish it again for next year because dreaming is free.
This time around we didn’t chose 5 games each but we agreed on 10 (easier said than done). And, since the games don’t officially exist anywhere, we took the liberty to making up some of their names. Have fun.

  1. Motorstorm Armageddon – After the closing of Evolution studios this same year, the chances of we getting a new Motorstorm are dim at most but that doesn’t make us want it any less. Why call it Motorstorm armageddon? Because the last one, apocalypse, was an overlooked gem and we wish that’s the route the developers would follow. The morfing of the tracks caused by earthquakes and hurricanes made the races extra intense and I want that feature back. With the added power of the ps4 we could get so much mayhem that just thinking about it makes my mouth water.
  2. Soul Calibur VI – We’ve always been fan of this fighting series. Fast combats, ring outs and weapons are their staples and we want more of that. However, the latter iterations were a little dissapointing in their lack of fleshed-out single-player modes like they used to with SC2 weapon master mode for example. Nowadays fighting-game devs are satisfied just releasing barebones platforms for e-sports but we’d like to get our money’s worth when we spend full price for a fighting game so bring Single-player modes back to fighting games please.
  3. Skate 4 – There was a time when Tony Hawk was the king of the skating videogame scene, then one day Skate came and swept it away with its revolutionary control scheme and a more realistic approach. Skate 3 was a much better game than any TH game ever was (imo) but there’s one portion of the game in which skate could learn from that other franchise, its story mode. Create some sort of narrative for the main campaign, something to make you feel like you’re progressing and not just ticking challenges from a checklist. Mix that with the amazing Skate controls and you’ll have the best skateboard game ever.
  4. Red Dead Reloaded – Since the first game was called Red Dead Revolver and the sequel was Redemption so who knows how will they call the next one. What we know is that the recreation of that western world from the last game was supperb and we’d like to immerse ourselves back into that outlaw era with a new adventure. Rockstar, give Grand Theft Auto a rest and brings us back more western action please.
  5. Devil May Cry 5 – Do you know when holywood buys the rights to some foreign property and remakes it taking way too many liberties and americanizing everything? That’s how I felt when I played through DmC. It’s not like I hated it, the gameplay was great to be honest, but changing the storyline and the characters was something nobody asked for so… why don’t we act like that never happened and go back to the cannon story before that?
  6. Darksiders 3 – Have you played Darksiders 2? Well, we just want them to make another one like that, longer but without any shooty stuff like that earth section. Maybe I’m just setting my hopes low because of how unlikely it is that we’ll se a sequel considering the low sales the franchise always had. But Darksiders is great at mixing combat with puzzles and platforming so I don’t think I could get tired from the formula anytime soon.
  7. Dragon Age: Revolution – We are some of the crazy few that think Inquisition is the best Dragon Age game. It may not have the best story, but the gameplay portion was spot on and pondering its merits and its flaws, it’s the one we enjoyed the most. Since they created a great backbone when making Inquisition, this time they could focus more on delivering a really memorable story that could satisfy all fans.
  8. Resident Evil 7 – There’s still hope on this franchise, or so we think. Just stop trying to shove coop down our throats and focus again on individual survival. Also, the storyline is already way too convoluted so some sort of reboot with new characters as protagonists could be the best choice.
  9. Lord of war – We love God of war on all its gory glory but if GOW Ascension proved something it was that there isn’t anything else to show about Kratos anymore and side-stories aren’t enough to live up for the epic scale the spartan deserves. So I think the best for the franchise would be to leave it as it is and create a spiritual successor of sorts and thus the name change. You can keep the core gameplay or tweak it some, the main changes though would be the protagonist and the setting. The egyptian mythology would be a great choice I think.
  10. Infamous 3 – We enjoyed Infamous Second Son, we had a lot of fun with it but even we felt like it didn’t deserve a 3 in the title. It wasn’t because of the protagonist. I’m fine with Delsin, the story was pretty good but the game overall felt like a step down from Infamous 2 because it lacked scale. The campaign was too short, there weren’t many side missions… Suckerpunch probably had too much of a tight schedule because there weren’t many ps4 exclusives coming out back then and they couldn’t deliver a full Infamous experience like we did with 2. They should fix that on 3.


Runner ups: LA Noire, Injustice, Vanquish, Patapon, Darkstalkers


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