Top 10 wished Fallout 4 companions

Ever since Fallout 3 every game on the series has featured some non-playable characters available to become your companions, whether you like them or not. So I’ll be doing a list of NPC characters who appear in Fallout 4 who I think have what it takes and could have been great companions. I came up with this list because I wasn’t that impressed with the choices we got in the game as which who our companions could be, even though I liked some of them, others i found kind of lacking. So here are my candidates, hope you like them and find them interesting as well.

10-Yefim Brobov


The quiet and calm twin, him and his brother have very different personalities. He is more serious and calm which in my opionion, made him more interesting than his loud brother. Why would they have two twin bothers occupying  the same place if one of them could come with us, right?


Fallout 4_20160104161733

Who wouldn’t like having a dangerous yet intelligent Assaultron  as your own personal bodyguard? She mostly handled you missions for the railroad but she was very efficient and self aware analyzing DIA’s massive databases. You wouldn’t want to mess with her either, she was one of the few robots you meet in the game I would have wanted to become a companion.

8-High Rise


He is an agent of the Railroad. He had a troubled childhood as he states when speaking with you but never says why or what really happened. He seems pretty good and steady with weapons and he runs a Safehouse dedicated to rescue and help synths, unfortunately, he dies during the railroad side mission Operation Ticonderoga.

7-Danny Sullivan

Danny_Sullivan (640x400)

He is a security officer in Diamond city .As you interact with him, you notice he’s a nice, resourceful and decent guy who likes to help others. I would have liked to see more of him.

6-Trader Rylee

Trader_Rylee (640x462)

Rylee is a very adventurous girl. Born and raised in Vault 81, which she left to explore the Wasteland and become a trader. She can be recruited as a general trade merchant at any of your settlements but I was hoping that she could have been more than that.

5-Travis Miles

maxresdefault (640x360)

It would have been cool to have him as a companion after you complete the quest Confidence Man, as his personality changes and he becomes confident and self-assured and to explore the wasteland with him as he tries to show his improvement. I got some pretty cool ideas as of how his personal quest would’ve even been.


Fo4_Glory (585x417)

Glory is a badass synth who loves heavy weapons just as i do, so we could have been a deadly duo roaming the Wasteland! I really thought she was going to become a companion but she only becomes your partner during one mission sadly. Fun fact, she would have been Leo’s number one pick.

3-Tina De Luca


Tina is wild and feels like a caged bird in Vault 81. She’s one of the most unique looking characters I found. As soon you start her side quest, you’d think that she would be available as one of your followers but she only can be recruited as a settler.


FO4_Eustace_Hawthorne_01 (640x605) (2)

With his experience as a mercenary/explorer, Hawthorne would have been a great companion to have around. Not to mention it seems that his ancestors lived in Sanctuary Hills before the great war which is pretty cool that he and the Sole Survivor share some history from the same place.

1-Honest Dan

MV5BOTI1MzQ4Nzg5OV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMzQwMTYzNzE@._V1_SX1024_CR0,0,1024,760_AL_ (640x396) (2)

Dan is a bold caravan guard knowing his way around and seems pretty tough, when I first met him I thought to myself “He’s gotta be a potential companion” But he turned out to be just a temporary one to my disappointment.


So that was my list of NPCs from Fallout 4 that I think would have make great companions. Tell us what you think in the comments and share your ideas!





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    1. Thank you! I’m glad you liked my post. I really haven’t thought about sharing to other gaming sites but it would be cool.
      Thanks for suggesting!


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