Our top 10 childhood games

Have you ever started playing games? What a dumb question, we all have. You weren’t that skilled back then and the games itself may have aged badly but we still have fond memories of our time with those classics (or not so classic). Roy and I have a story with our games as well, these are the ones that defined our childhood. A good dose of 90’s nostalgia in a top 10 form.
Okay, we’re kinda cheating here. This isn’t a top 10 but two top 5 list, so sue us.

Roy’s Picks

  1. 1080 snowboarding – I’ve always loved fun racing games but never had any experience at playing any snow racing one until I got my hands on this one, and oh boy since that moment I have tried every cool snow racing game I could. The game even made me like snowboarding, it was such a fun game, I was always eager to play it and to this day I still hope that they release a game like that again.
  2. Rush 2: Extreme Racing USA – Rush 2 for me it had everything a racing game could have, great diversity of cars, fun and interactive set of tracks, cars could flip all over the place and explode, dangerous but exciting shortcuts… I remember playing it for hours with my friends, even though I wasn’t the best driver, I sure enjoyed every minute of it.
  3. Mortal Kombat Trilogy – I have always loved fighting games and this was my first MK game. This game sure made an impact on me, I remember calling everybody on the block and we would beat the hell out of each other for hours. I loved everything about it, the rush, the aggression, the badass characters, the fatalities, everything was super awesome and I couldn’t be happier to add this game to this list.
  4. TLOZ: Ocarina of Time – The second game I’ve ever owned. I didn’t understand much of it at the beginning and was stuck within the first level in Kokiri forest , but i never gave up and soon discovered myself traveling in Hyrule field and oh man it was pure awesome. All Zelda games are special but Ocarina of Time for me was magical , it was my first experience of somewhat open world game, and I just couldn’t help to love every second I spent playing, it sure was an experience I will never forget.
  5. Resident Evil 2 – RE2 was my first survival horror game so no wonder why its in this list , not only that , to this day its my favorite game in the series, I just loved everything about it. My first impressions were “wow this is like a movie!” because it felt like it and it was so different of what i was used to play at first. The dark corridors the haunting music, the fear of not knowing when or where a monster or zombie could come at you, for me it was a truly exciting experience.


Leo’s Picks

  1. Tony Hawk’s pro skater – The game that got all of 90’s boys into skating, including me. I didn’t even have any interest in this sport but I immediately fell in love with the game after playing a demo that came in a magazine. I never managed to pull off a kickflip in real life but I was amazing at the damn game so that’s something.
  2. Sonic 2 – Technically the first game I’ve ever played was the original Sonic the hedgehog but back then I was so little that I couldn’t even figure out how to run and jump at the same time. By the time my family got its sequel though, I still sucked but at least I knew the basics enough to enjoy the game. Sonic 2 taught me so much.
  3. Tenchu: Stealth Assassins – I got my ps1 pretty late on its cycle and back then I wasn’t the most gaming savvy boy, so when I had to make the choice on which game I would take my console with, I just picked this one because it was new and it had ninjas. So yeah, I threw it all on luck and I hit the jackpot. Maybe this game hasn’t aged very well with its tank controls and its abuse of fogging but back then this game blew me away. Getting thrown into a 3D space with liberty of action… I thought games couldn’t get better than this.
  4. Streets of Rage II – I must have beaten this game a thousand times. For years this was my couch multiplayer game of choice so all of my childhood friends have played through it as well. Now I could play the whole thing in my mind since I’ve memorized every music track, every enemy spawning point, every item placement… I loved this game as a kid and I still do.
  5. Gran Turismo – I’m such a fan of racing games nowadays but that wasn’t always the case. This is kind of a controversial opinion but I didn’t find racing games good until they went 3D. Not being able to tell accurately the distances was always a game breaker to me. Gran Turismo was the game that made me fall in love with the genre. Not only because it was 3D, there were so many cars, all taken from real life. It was like a kid’s dream. Then the sequel came and it was an even better game with more variety in cars (over 700) and tracks. But I pick the first one because it was the game that actually got me into one of my favourite genres.

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