Top 10 PSP titles I missed on Vita

I love my little Vita but let’s face it, Sony has killed that handheld and buried it deeply already. The first portable playstation device wasn’t that much of a hit either (compared to the nintendo counterpart at least) but during its days, it grew to have a much healthier array of exclusives. This is a list highlighting some of my favourite PSP games that I wish they got a sequel on the newest sony handheld.
Actually, you can download pretty much any of the following games and play them on the Vita itself. But getting a new game on the series with flashier graphics and trophies would have been way better.

  1. Patchwork Heroes – Starting the list with an oddball. I bet not many people played this little game back in the day. It was some sort of puzzler in which you had to take down giant enemy ships by cutting them to pieces. It was great fun and the artstyle was just lovely.
  2. Syphon Filter – There were actually two great Syphon Filter games and they featured one of the best graphics on the handheld but if we’re honest, the controls were kind of ass. Now that the Vita is more powerful and actually has dual analog sticks, wouldn’t it be perfect to have a new Syphon Filter game on it?
  3. Jeanne d’Arc – If there’s one genre the Vita doesn’t lack is the JRPG and that’s why this game isn’t higher on the list but for quality alone it would deserve it. Jeanne d’Arc was a strategy RPG, deep, nice looking and with a charming story accompanying. Please play it.
  4. Final Fantasy Dissidia – I have one confession to make, like with many fighting games, I suck so much at the Dissidia games. Not that I didn’t enjoy them, they were great fun, the graphics were fantastic, they had a ton of content… it’s just that I’m quite bad at them (at both). I’d still love to see a new one arriving on vita though.
  5. Locoroco – Even to this day those uncomprehensible songs resonate inside my head. Locoroco was as crazy as it was charming. Maybe the creators felt that they couldn’t stretch the concept any longer to make a third installment but I’m sure they could have come with something new. By the looks of the game itself, I don’t think they lack the imagination needed.
  6. Motorstorm: Artic Edge – This is kind of cheating because the vita actually got a motorstorm game but when you think of this franchise you imagine some vehicular mayhem racing, not a top down micromachines type of game.
  7. Half-Minute Hero – This game was a small 8-bit looking kind of game that took a spin on the classic rpg formula. Yes, you had to save the world but you only had 30 seconds to do so. It was a good fun and a good laugh. It seems like The world’s longest 5 minutes could actually be a spiritual successor to Half-Minute Hero but I still have to see more of that game to make my mind on that.
  8. Pursuit Force – I love some vehicular action myself and these games had it in spades. Stopping the highway baddies by driving, shooting, jumping from moving vehicles and hijacking them… really awesome stuff. These games were kind of overlooked because of the platform they came on but they were truly gems.
  9. Valkyria Chronicles -This was a turn based strategy series loved on ps3 and then sega did the weirdest move releasing the sequels not on ps3 but on psp instead. Strange indeed but since they went for the portable route, why not make the next one on the vita? I’m sure those cellshaded graphics would look amazing on the oled screen.
  10. Patapon – A rythm game mixed with strategy with a very distinctive artstyle and deeper than you might think mechanics. This series probably still is my favourite on the psp and many will agree that the vita would deserve a new one. The closest thing you might get (if you’re japanese) would be orgarythm but it’s certainly not the same.

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