5 games that could have been great but…

All you need is a good idea, they say. Like that facebook guy, one idea and bam! millionaire. Unfortunately that isn’t always true and some videogame developers learnt that the hard way. Here is a list of some videogames that came up with some good ideas and concepts but somehow they screwed up somewhere along the line and couldn’t fulfill their potential.
That doesn’t mean that the games resulted to be complete garbage (that’s arguable though) and maybe (just maybe) they’re still interesting to watch if only for that glimpse of inspiration the developers once had. Here are five Playstation 3 games that could have been great but weren’t.

  1. Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days – More than an idea, what this game had was a concept and specially, an aesthetic. This game aimed to bring the dirty realistic look of a snuff film as you followed the killing spree the protagonists of this game get involved on their visit to hong kong. That part of the game was very well realised but the gameplay portion was average at best, it didn’t help either that the main campaign was less than 5 hours long. The multiplayer had also some very interesting modes mostly inherited from the prior game but good luck finding someone willing to play this game over the internet.Kane&Lynch2
  2. Knight’s Contract – Escort missions can be fun, TLOU is the pinnacle of that. This game tried to take a spin on that concept years before Naughty Dog. In this hack n’ slash game you do a contract with a witch that prevents you from dying at all, instead, you have to focus on making sure your witch companion doesn’t get slashed. You are strong and she provides you magic so what could go wrong? The fighting in Knight’s Contract is actually pretty fun but the abysmal production values destroyed any possibilities of this game having any good reception. Also, this game features one of the most infuriating QTEs in existance.KnightsContract
  3. Alone in the Dark: Inferno – This game actually had not one but several interesting ideas under its sleeve. Realistic fire physics, an original inventory and crafting system and also a damage system that let you see the health of your character without using any intrusive hud. Where did all go sour then? In the implementation. For example, the inventory idea was original but not very practical when put on use. Also, the game was pretty buggy (and even worse on other versions) and not scary at all.AloneInTheDarkInferno
  4. Mindjack – In this cover-based third person shooter you have the power of “mind hacking” civilians and weakened enemies, to be turned to the your side, becoming allies or to actually control them yourself manually. That’s pretty cool in itself but the concept was also extended online because other players could “hack” into your single-player campaign and take control of the AI enemies. Those seem very interesting mechanics so how could this game turn bad? Well, because its core gameplay was simply awful. The game controls didn’t feel responsive and the AI was straight up idiotic.mindjack
  5. Neverdead – I was actually pretty excited for this game before it came out. Like in Knight’s Contract, the gimmick was that your character was cursed making it impossible for him to die but instead… he could actually get injured, in fact, he could get dismembered completely. If you lost a leg you had to go hopping on your other feet, if you lost your whole body but your head you had to roll around the floor to recover those parts. It sounds like a blast in paper but unfortunately, the fighting wasn’t that good and rolling around the floor as a lone head happened too often and grew tiresome quickly.Neverdead

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