Briefiew: Ratchet & Clank

Nope, this isn’t the 2002 videogame, it isn’t the HD remaster either, this is the 2016 game based of a movie based of a game. I know, that sounds terrible, but not all movie tie-ins are garbage. Could this remake/reboot based on a movie be the last of the exceptions? Let’s see.

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock, I should start by mentioning that the Ratchet & Clank games is a series of 3D platforming games with a heavy enphasis on gunplay action. They started on the ps2 era and the last game on the series prior to this one was launched on 2013 on ps3.
This time around, the new game isn’t a sequel though. Since they’ve been planning to launch a full animated movie, they decided it was a good time to reboot the series taking the movie’s plot as canon. So you could say this game is a movie tie-in but since the movie itself seems to try to follow the first game’s plot (more or less), you could also say this game is a remake of the original.


Gameplay-wise the game hasn’t gone through any major changes from their latest installment “into the nexus”. Controls are as tight, combats are as frantic, weapon collecting & upgrading is as present as ever.
To break the monotony from the run and gun platforming with Ratchet, the game offers various sections that spice things up a bit. Sometimes you’ll be controlling Clank in puzzle focused sections. There’s also aerial combat sections in which you’ll pilot Ratchet’s spaceship but their briefness makes them kind of anecdotical. Then, instead of the gladiator challenges the series has been known for lately, we got the hoverboard races back. And let me tell you, they’re way more fun than they used to.

The only major change this game has from the latest entry on ps3 is then the graphics department. While Into the nexus was already a gorgeous title with vibrant colors and tons of awesome particle effects, this ps4 title goes way beyond that. You’re gonna be blown away at how those planets you visited back in 2002 look now.


Things I liked

  • Gorgeous visuals: I don’t want to fall into that “it looks like a pixar flick” cliché but it’s hard to see how could you improve on this game visually. For this cartoony art-style, the game looks just perfect.
  • Tight controls & great weapons: Those were staples of this series and they still are in this reboot. Plenty of crazy weapons, fully upgradeable and they’re a joy to use.
  • Humorous: Even though the storytelling kinda suffers at times as it tries to tell the movie’s plot without spoiling it completely. The humour is still present and, actually, some of the dialog on this R&C I found to be the best in the series.


Things I didn’t

  • Nefarious: He’s back in this game and I’m very fine with that but they redisigned his looks and now he doesn’t look half as cool. Of course that’s completely personal taste and even then it’s not like I care that much.


Who’d like this?

If you’re new to the series but you like 3D platformers, this would be a great entry point. It’s polished, it’s gorgeous, it’s great fun.
If you’re a fan of the series, get it too. The game has enough new content for you not to feel like you’ve bought the same game twice and, even then, the graphics have never been this good.
The only people I wouldn’t recommend this game would be someone who may have grown tired of the R&C formula because that hasn’t changed with this remake.


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