Top 10 Tragic Gaming Couples

In almost everything we see on TV, there’s always a love relationship between two characters, and that extends to games as well. Most of the times the story is the typical boy-meets-girl and they live together forever after… But sometimes love stories don’t have a happy ending and I have collected ten gaming couples that didn’t end up together or that for fans wished they would be together, even though they may have a strong bond and attraction for each other, for certain circumstances the relationship never happens. So here are my top 10 tragic couples.

10. Liu Kang and Kitana (Mortal Kombat)


Liu Kang and Kitana’s love/friendship/hate relationship is very bipolar i would say, they are from different worlds , Liu declining Kitana’s offer to rule next to her in Mortal Kombat 4’s ending and there is always a bit of tension between them but deep inside they truly care and have feelings for each other , maybe their relationship could work on another dimension huh?

9. Niko Bellic and Kate McReary (GTA IV)


Niko may have had too many girlfriends in Grand Theft Auto IV but the relationship he had with Kate was unique , as it seem they really were into each other but couldn’t be together thus having stronger feelings for each other due to err….. Niko’s job. One of the endings of the game is Kate getting shot to death and even if she lives in the other alternate ending, and with the information based on GTA V it clearly looks like they didn’t stay together.

8. Wander and Mono (Shadow of the Colossus)


Their story is very sentimental as seen in the game he fights the sixteen colossi in order to revive her, but at the end he succeeds at saving and resurrecting her but he sacrifices himself and when Mono wakens she finds a baby instead of Wander as she carries the infant baby they then head up to the secret garden and the rest of what happens to them is a mystery forever lost in the winds.

7. Max Payne and Mona Sax (Max Payne)


Max and Mona sure got the hots for each other , both contract killers knowing what they want and experts at playing the dirty game they sure fit for each other, until Mona tries to kill Max but her feelings tell her otherwise. Dramatically her getting shot in the back in that moment and ending whatever relationship they could have in the future.

6. Gordon Freeman and Alyx Vance (Half Life)


Throughout the game it is clearly hinted that they have strong feelings for each other and after going through such intense life and death combat situations and other hardships, they have forged a very strong relationship. But nothing else has happened between them other than showing affection for each other , and they are so cute together, come on guys, break the ice already!

5. Hal Emmerich and Naomi Hunter (Metal Gear Solid)

vlcsnap-00015 (800x450)

Let’s be real, in MGS4 Naomi was a treacherous bitch but deep inside she cared for her friends and specially Hal, they developed a strong bond for each other during her stay with them, unfortunately all that came to an end when she found herself obligated to betray them. Her death scene was shocking and emotional, i wanted them to stay together but it all came to a devastating ending.

4. Ico and Yorda (Ico)


Ico and Yorda relationship is unique but there sure is a strong love bond between them it could be either friendship or more but who knows as the game’s ending reveals that she dies but Ico is able to bring her back to life but she has become a shadowy form and saves Ico from the collapsing castle sacrificing herself. Their fate is unknown as in  the epilogue it shows Ico finding Yorda washed up on the shore. She has returned to her human form, but it doesn’t completely elaborate on what exactly happened to her.

3. Isaac Clarke and Nicole Brennan (Dead Space)


Their story is set in space Isaac goes on search for Nicole not knowing that she is already dead , during the game it shows that they had a strong relationship and loved each other as Isaac tries everything he can to “save” her. After her death, she becomes a hallucination haunting Isaac throughout the first two games, and is arguably the main antagonist of Dead Space 2.

2. Leon S. Kennedy and Ada Wong (Resident Evil)


They first met in Raccoon City in 1998 and since then is all about Leon and Ada , they work well together , they have great style , both are skilled with many types of weapons , surely what can go wrong and why can’t they just be together? Well it’s more of a one-sided relationship kinda way as Ada remains a mystery to Leon after all these years of just tease , sure there is tension between them but not enough room when it comes to hotness.

1. Cloud Strife and Aerith Gainsborough (Final Fantasy)


Sure there are various Final Fantasy couples but for me C&A are perfect for each other , unfortunately they couldn’t end up together but they are so cute together and it was drastically ended when she was impaled to death and it was very sad and touchy moment and very hard for Cloud. Since then he still remembers her and still sees her in visions as she guides and aids him in his missions.




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