HPR’s Gamer Test: Roy’s Edition

And now it’s time for the Roysers. I took my time because of… reasons but here it is my own test. Enjoy.

  1. Which was your first console? Nintendo 64
  2. Which was the first game you owned? Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time
  3. Which was your childhood’s game? Resident Evil 2
  4. Which game have you beaten more times? Fallout 3
  5. Were videogames better back then? No , considering the lack of technology back then.
  6. What do you like the most about gaming? Being able to do whatever i want , that i wouldn’t normally do in real life.
  7. Which is your favorite game genre? Any game that has Survival , Adventure and Interactive is a must have for me. But since i can only pick one , my first choice would be Survival.
  8. Sniper Rifle or Shotgun? Shotgun baby!
  9. Single player or multiplayer? I prefer single
  10. Cooperative or competitive? Cooperative.
  11. Graphics or Gameplay? That’s tough to chose but i guess i would say graphics for me go first.
  12. Which was your first PlayStation console? PS2
  13. Which was your first PlayStation game? Ford Racing 3 and Silent Hill 2 , bought them at the same time.
  14. Which is your favorite PlayStation console? The PS4 console is pretty good , my favorite so far.
  15. Which is your favorite game ever? The Last Of Us.
  16. And your favorite game in the last decade? The Last Of Us , duh!
  17. Which is your guilty pleasure game / game series? Dead or Alive Xtreme series
  18. Which is your favorite game character? Uhh there’s too many! But i’d say Cloud Strife
  19. Which is your favorite music track from a game? Secure Place from Resident Evil 2
  20. Which was the last console you bought? PS4
  21. Which is your favorite game developer? Quantic Dream.
  22. Ever cried playing a videogame? Yes , yes i have.
  23. Do games make you rage? Yes , all the time!
  24. How many games have you played in your life so far? Uhhh oh man , i haven’t count but yes , A LOT , does that count?
  25. Do you consider yourself a complenionist? In the games that i really like , yes , i wanna unlock everything!, find all collectibles!, earn all trophies! Oh man the rush…



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