Briefiew – Everybody’s gone to the rapture

I put myself through a media blackout before I got this game. In this genre, the story is king so the less you know about it before you can experience it yourself, the better. I went in with an open mind only having seen the teaser trailer they used to first announce the game. I found that trailer quite intriguing and after playing through the game… Could I say the sensation still remains?

Everybody’s gone to the rapture comes from the creators of Dear Esther, and like that game, EGTTR is another so called walking simulator. This time around you’ll be exploring Yaughton, a typical brittish village and uncovering the reason why its inhabitants are nowhere to be found.
The game starts with a very mysterious premise and that’ll be the main reason pulling you forward. Along with that main plot though you’ll also get to know better the lifes of the locals. As expected with a game so story focused, the writting is pretty good and the way it’s laid out is pretty thought out but for obvious reasons and I can’t get into much detail about it.

Everybody's Gone To The Rapture™_20150806002410

Gameplay-wise there’s not much to say. The game sure is a walking simulator. You wander around the village looking for some mysterious lights that whenever triggered will offer some audio and vague visual representations to uncover the story. The game offers some liberty on how much you’re willing to explore to uncover more story snippets (with audio logs and such) or you could skip most of those and go straight for the ending but I don’t know why you’d want to do so. There isn’t any combat or puzzles or any player choice apart from deciding how meticulous you want to be exploring.

In a technical level I have to say the game looks really good. Yaughton is abandoned and there’s no action so I don’t think the game would be that demanding but still, it looks gorgeous. But for how pretty the game looks, it actually sounds better. The game’s orchestrated soundtrack could be actually my favourite part of the game.


Things I liked

  • A joy to look at and to listen to: The views of the countryside are gorgeous and the soundtrack will stick with you for days. Charming.
  • Good writing: By the end of the game you’ll feel like you know the town’s inhabitants like your own family even if haven’t even seen them. The main mystery is also well written though I wouldn’t go as far as to call it the best plot ever either.


Things I didn’t

  • Walking Fest: Just like Dear Esther, you really only walk and feed on the story until the very end which can grow a little tiresome or at least it did to me. I felt the game to be a little too long for its own good.


Who’d like this?

If you’re an enthusiast of heavy story driven games like the previous Dear Esther you’ll probably dig Everybody’s gone to the rapture as much. I wouldn’t say it’s the best game of this kind but it still a nice experience.
If you don’t like this kind of walking simulators though, this game will reafirm you further. You still might enjoy the soundtrack though.


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