HPR’s Gamer test: Leo edition

What’s Hit Pause Review’s Gamer test? Just a way I came up with so readers can know us better. See where we come from and know about our tastes.
This is a series of 25 quick gaming related questions that Roy and I will answer but, since I came with the idea, I go first.

  1. Which was your first console? Sega Megadrive (genesis for americans)
  2. Which was your first game? Sonic the Hedgehog
  3. Which is your childhood’s game? Gran Turismo
  4. Which game have you beaten more times? Streets of Rage 2
  5. Were videogames better back then? Not really
  6. What do you like the most about gaming? Immersing in different worlds
  7. Which is your favoutire game genre? Weirdly enough, close call between Racing and Stealth
  8. Sniper rifle or Shotgun? Sniper rifle I guess, but I’d really prefer a silenced pistol
  9. Single player or Multiplayer? Single player
  10. Cooperative or Competitive? Cooperative
  11. Graphics or Gameplay? Both. They’re not exclusive.
  12. Which was your first Playstation console? The original Playstation
  13. Which was your first Playstation game? Tenchu: Stealth Assassins
  14. Which is your favourite Playstation console? Probably the PS2
  15. Which is your favourite game ever? Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake eater
  16. And your favourite game in the last decade? Uncharted 2: Among thieves
  17. Which is your guilty pleasure game / game series? Dynasty Warriors or any Musou games for that matter
  18. Which is your favourite game character? Joel from The Last of Us
  19. Which is your favourite music track from a game? Apotheosis from Journey
  20. Which was the last console you bought? A Playstation Vita
  21. Which is your favourite game developer? As of today, I’d say Naughty Dog.
  22. Have you ever cried with a videogame? Yes, plenty.
  23. Do games make you rage? I’ve shouted, I’ve punched walls… yes, they do.
  24. How many games have you played in your life? Impossible to keep track of that. 500? More?
  25. Do you consider yourself a completionist? No, there’s too many games I want to play to devote so much time to each one of them.

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