Briefiew – Superbeat Xonic

I love music and obviously I love games. Ironically though, rhythm games which supposedly mix both of those worlds have never been one of my favourite genres. Not even during the Guitar Hero craze of some years ago.
Why did I pick up Superbeat Xonic then? Mostly because of the drought of retail vita games we’re having lately and because of Persona 4: Dancing all Night.

There’s no much to explain on what this game is about, Superbeat Xonic is a straightforward rhythm game. Very similar to the aforementioned Persona 4: DAN, as you go through a song colorful buttons will fly at you from the center of the screen to the sides and you’ll have to press accordingly to the beat of the song. Very simple concept but not quite an easy task.
It didn’t take me long to realise that Superbeat Xonic wasn’t made for casual players. It’s not only a matter of choosing between 6 buttons because this game loves to throw curves balls constantly that will test your skills to the max.
In fact, you don’t have to use buttons at all if you don’t want. The game offers two methods of imput, either by using physical buttons and the vita sticks or making use of the touchscreen. You don’t even have to go into the menu to change that as the game will recognise both inputs at any time so be free to experiment with that.

You didn’t think I would forget about talking about the music, right? It’s the most important thing on a rhythm game. I can gladly say that Superbeat Xonic didn’t forget about it either. The game features a ton of different tracks of very varied genres from k-pop to metal. I’ll have to admit that I never heard any of the songs before but that doesn’t mean they’re bad at all. Some hours into the game I found myself humming along to many.


Apart from the options and leaderboards the game offers two main gameplay modes. Stage is kind of a free mode where you can play any set of songs you’ve previously unlocked in the mode you prefer.
World tour would be the main dish though. You’ll be unlocking sets of missions as you level up with xp. And challenging they are. If it weren’t for the fact that you can grind your way by repeating songs as much as you want, I wouldn’t have seen most of this game.


Things I liked

  • Music Selection: The game features around 60 tracks, varied in genre but pretty good overall. You’ll sure find some favourites in here.
  • Dual control Method: Prefer playing with buttons? You’d rather use the touchscreen? Up to you. You can choose to play however you want and both ways feel tight and responsive.


Things I didn’t

  • Unforgiving difficulty: If you’re a hardcore rythm game fan, this might actually be a huge plus for you. As for me, I wished the game didn’t kick my ass as much as it did.


Who’d like this?

Hardcore rythm game players will love this. The content is there, the controls are as good as they can be, looks slick… and it’ll provide them a fair challenge.

Casual gamers beware though.


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