Game Ideas: The Last Of Us II (Leo’s take)

After Roy’s take on a possible The Last of Us sequel (or prequel) I felt like I had to share my own vision on how the game could be. Again, like with that other game idea, this is just my imagination going rampant, imagining where the story could get us in a potential TLOU2.
It’s needless to say “spoiler alert” because this story will follow the events of the of the original game.

My game would follow Ellie, as an adult now, since the game would start several years after the events of The Last of Us. She won’t be living at Tommy’s settlement anymore and Joel won’t be around either. She’s living instead on a west coast quarantine zone on her own, trying to live in peace with herself.
We’ll learn via flashbacks that her relationship with Joel just kept getting more and more sour as time passed. He’s always put his survival and the ones he cared about over any kind of morals and it eventually reached a point where Ellie couldn’t take it anymore and left him.


It’s been years since they separated and the only things Ellie knows about Joel’s fortune are stories she has overheard by some travellers that reach this quarantine zone. And bright stories they are not.
They say that Joel, having lost a loved one again made him lose his mind completely. He went on travelling through the country taking out fireflies, military and other groups that got in his way and slowly gained an army of his own in the process. That group eventually grew to become the biggest and worst gang out there in the wastelands, a bunch of murderers and rapists that have long forgotten what humanity is. And that gang, is slowly moving to the west coast.
Ellie who still feels remorse about following Joel for so many years and not giving her life to save mankind when she could, feels that as a chance to redeem herself. She decides to go on a personal mission to take out the most inhuman guy in this world, Joel.


Most of the game then will take place moving towards Joel’s group. Venturing into the lion’s den to put a stop to their cruelty.
Doing so, we’ll slowly realise that Joel is never at the vanguard of his group. Strangely, the deepest Ellie gets, the more covert Joel seems to be. Until finally reaching the truth by the end of the game.


When confronted with Joel’s supposed right-hand he’ll admit that Joel actually died long ago. He did it himself and occulted it that so that the group stayed strong and united but since Joe’s death he’s always been the leader in the shadows. All of the pillaging and murdering they’ve been doing over the past years wasn’t even Joel’s original idea. What he really wanted was uniting all of the people in the wasteland in one group so there would be peace but his second in command bastardized that idea because he’s the real psycho.
The ending then would have Ellie killing the leader and effectively taking over this cruel gang and from there forward trying to carry out Joel’s ultimate destiny which was uniting the people under the same flag.



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