Briefiew – The Deadly Tower of Monsters

Ed Wood was a film director famous for making low-budget science fiction and horror films back in the 50’s. Most critics would say that his films were shitty but their awfulness can be hilarious to watch. The deadly tower of monsters tries to catch that quirky charm while parodying that era of filmmaking.

The game starts with quite an original premise. You’re not playing a game but instead watching an old DVD with the director commentary on. The continuous banter of the retired director is probably the best of the game and you’ll find yourself chuckling at many of the anecdotes he shares with you as the “movie” goes on.


Gameplay wise the game is a beat’em up with a top down perspective similar to Diablo but without that much depth in rpg mechanics nor length. TDTOM has many weapons half of them are melee and the other ranged ones and, like the rest of the game, they’re designed to fit in this 50’s science fiction flick. They’re original enough for you to want to try them all even though you’ll realize some are more useful than others.
But what are you gonna use those weapons on? The enemies of course. Now think about one monster that could appear on a 50’s monster movie. There’s a 90% chance this game has a rip-off version of that monster for you to slay. The enemy variety and their designs are definitely another strong aspect of this game.

Another peculiarity is the fact that the tower is all one big vertical open world. Which means that to revisit any section you can just jump down from it and land on the desired level below. Not only it is useful but it also adds some lasting appeal as that free traversal allows side missions and collectible finding.


Things I liked

  • Hilarious: This is one director commentary worth listening to. The jabs at B-movie cliches are constant and I never got tired of them.
  • Enemies: The game has a ton of different enemy types, they change as you climb up the giant tower. Going from dinasours to giant gorillas, robots… you name it.
  • Open world: At the start of the game you’re given dozens of missions for you to accomplish as you climb the deadly tower, some are story related while others are side-missions that mostly require exploration. Being open world means that at any time in the game you can jump off that tower to explore the nether parts of it.


Things I didn’t

  • A bit glitchy: Like in Diablo the camera is fixed showing you the action from above. But unlike Diablo, you’ll be mostly moving in an upwards spiral as you climb a massive tower and sometimes the camera will have a hard time trying to keep up with that.
  • Average combat: There’s nothing wrong with the combat but there’s nothing remarkable about it either. It has a quite simplistic approach. One combo per weapon, an evade button and that’s pretty much it.


Who’d like this?

If you have any interest in that old era of movies this game represents you should definitely give it a try. It’s very detailed in its campy atmosphere and quite funny as well.
If you’re not interested in those old science fiction horror flicks, this game is competent enough but honestly there are better beat ’em ups gameplay wise.


<This is a review on the ps4 version of the game but it is also available on other platforms>



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