Game Ideas: The Last Of Us II

I think when it comes to games , one that brings the emotions out of me it’s a game that with no doubt will be one of my favorite of all time. And The Last of Us did that perfectly when it comes to feeling-attached story and characters. Its deep and splendid cinematography along with graphics and character development made TLOU a top favorite gaining many fans and winning many awards. I think most of those fans is anxiously waiting for a sequel but who knows when or if there’s gonna be a sequel at all. I think a brilliant game like that should become a franchise and so I will give my two cents on how I think TLOU2 could be like story-wise.


The Last Of Us 2 should have a completely different story than the first game, it shouldn’t focus again on Joel and Ellie, I think their story ended with the first game and the new game should focus on other survivors but it should also start from the first day of the outbreak with the main protagonists trying to survive and struggle through those harsh first weeks, encountering all types of enemies including first and second stage infected as well as desperate people willing to do anything to survive. It will show the raw and cruel human nature when it comes to extreme chaos and survival.

After the first chapter, 5 years would have already passed and the survivors would have made it to a quarantine zone living there, but then it starts to get violent as people start to riot against the militia controlling the zone ending it in total rampage as the residents end up taking over and eliminating the government resulting in them turning into hunters and eliminating whoever disapproves of their methods. The main protagonists of this game are against that and they’ll try to do anything to escape the quarantined city, ending up being wanted and hunted as they make an escape for it.


In the next chapters, it should focus on them trying to survive and fighting against infected with no plan whatsoever until they find a group of people and together they all decide to take refuge in an abandoned hospital, not knowing that one of them was already infected. That night chaos start breaking loose when everybody is sleeping and that person turns into a runner and starts infecting whoever it can while they are all asleep. The protagonist has then to make a crude choice about executing the people who got bitten or leaving them behind.


In this story the main characters fall for each other resulting in an intimate moment. They find a survivor who tells them before everything stared turning into shit, in a high security facility they were working on a cure and who knows if it should still be there, the stranger knows everything about the location and they all decide to go there, they end up in the zero zone where everything started. They find out about the very first infected person known as patient zero and the facility wasn’t just finding a cure, they were actually the ones responsible for the Cordyceps infection, the stranger they met turns out to be complete mad and was actually a doctor who used to work there. He just used them as protection to go get the sample for themselves turning on the protagonists setting a trap on them and unleashing tons of infected people who’s been locked in that facility since the very first days. The protagonists survive but the sample wasn’t really completed, the doctor got infected and tried it on himself but it didn’t work out.


The last few chapters should be about them trying to survive against hunters who have been sent after them for eliminating their leader on the quarantine zone where they used to live, and focusing on them trying to make it to the countryside where they’d think it’d be less dangerous. Then they find a group of  people called the Fireflies and join them. They tell them about their story and about how they knew this place where they used to work for a vaccine but never finished it giving the fireflies hope and making finding a cure one of their priorities now that they knew there could be a cure as our two protagonists become members of the Firefly militia and together they embark on their new mission.

So that will be my thoughts on how The Last Of Us 2 story could/should be , tell me what you think in the comments and if you got any ideas yourself let us hear it.



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