Top 10 wished playstation comebacks

Franchises in videogames don’t seem to follow any clear pattern. Sometimes games get sequels every year, other series won’t receive any sequels at all despite the love they may get from fans. Some long lost franchises will get a reboot and others just won’t. Here are some playstation games that I wish they’d get a new release but they’ve been gone for a long time.

They don’t have to be playstation exclusive though, the only rule would be that they couldn’t have had a new release since at least the ps2 era (remasters and spin-offs wouldn’t count).


  1. Bloody Roar: In which other fighting game can your character turn into a wild animal? I’ll admit that the latest sequel this series received on ps2 (Bloody Roar 4) wasn’t the best, but that’s actually one more reason to bring Bloody Roar back. One of the greatest fighting series in the ps1 era, Bloody Roar shouldn’t go down like that.
  2. God Hand: IGN gave this game a 3/10 score in their review back in 2006 and people are still laughing at them for that. Truly a hidden gem of the ps2 era this game is as silly as it is fun. The over-the-top action of this brawler is yet to be matched.
  3. Haunting Ground: Often called a spiritual successor to Clock Tower. Those games were kind of the precursors of that genre of horror games so popular nowadays in which you don’t have much of a chance of fighting back so you gotta run like hell or use your smarts. Haunting ground itself also offered some companion in form of a dog that was used to solve puzzles and generally help your character Fiona to go through the nightmare. The game is kind of considered a cult classic nowadays so I think it’d be great for revisiting.
  4. Klonoa: 2.5D and mascot platformers were all the rage in the ps1 era and Klonoa was a great example of both. Colorful sprites, great gameplay and the charming klonoa to carry the adventure. The game received a sequel on ps2 and also some spin offs. It’d be time that namco brings back this franchise with some full fledged sequel.
  5. Medievil: Just like halloween itself, Medievil is kind of spooky but also fun and colorful and as a kid I loved it. When Sir Daniel appeared on the not so stellar Playstation allstars game I had my hopes up that Sony maybe hadn’t forget about this franchise and it could be revived for the future.
  6. Alundra: Do you like classic Zelda games? Me too. Alundra was pretty much that, going into dungeons, solving puzzles, having cool bossfights… Then the sequel came and added a third dimension, and, even though the transition wasn’t as graceful as in the Zelda franchise, I still liked that one. I’d love to see a third Alundra, either like the first one or the second.
  7. Beyond Good & Evil: A sequel for this game was actually announced back in 2008 but then it was put on hiatus. Officially they say the game is still being made but it’s been so long since we heard anything that my hopes aren’t very high.
  8. Ape Escape: That strange move on-rails shooter that came on ps3 obviously doesn’t count. I want some colorful 3D platformer like the older games.
  9. Tomba!: Also known as Tombi! in Europe, this game was a mix of 2.5D Platforming with some rpg questing going on. It was a very original concept back then and it would still be if someone decided to release a new one.
  10. Soul Reaver: These titles are part of the Legacy of Kain series and kind of a departure from Blood Omen but for me it was for the better. It still retained a great lore and the setting was truly atmospheric. A sequel was in the works for ps3 but it was finally cancelled and that’s too bad. If a Soul Reaver 4 came out nowadays it could be like Darksiders but with a story people would actually care about.

Runner ups: Crash Bandicoot, Maximo, TimeSplitters, Vagrant Story, The Mark of Kri, Colony Wars…


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