Briefiew: Earth Defense Force 4.1

EDF 4.1: The shadow of new dispair is the latest entry in this long running franchise of third person shooters even though, in this case it’s more like an upgrade to EDF 2025. But what an upgrade…


For those unfamiliar with the series, you could say Earth Defense Force is the closest to playing a japanese monster movie. It’s as campy as it can get but it’s also loads of fun. The most familiar scenario you’ll face in this game is being left off in the middle of a japanese city infested with giant insects and been given the task to finish that pest with bullets. As you can see, not the most complex of backdrops, but an engaging one.
There’s really only two other things to do in this game other than shooting giant bugs to death. Shooting other kinds of enemies (mechs, flying saucers, godzilla…) and collecting new weapons to shoot those foes. Not to say that those aspects are toned down at all though. The variety of enemies and weapons you’ll find in this game could make other shooters ashamed.
I should also mention that the entirety of this game can be played in co-op either online or with a couch buddy. And let me tell you, that’s mainly how this game shines. Then, every member of the team can get a different class from the 4 the game offers (Ranger, Wing Diver, Air Raider, or Fencer) and feel like a more balanced killing machine. Not that the game requires deep tactics or anything, but it’s just more fun that way and EDF is perfect for sharing some laughs with people.


Things I liked

  • Intense action: The enemies in this game will swarm you constantly coming by the dozens from every corner of the map and exterminating them is a joy.
  • Destruction: Everything in this game can (and will) blow up. The enemies, the buildings, yourself…
  • Length: This game is packed with content. Ninety something missions with lots of different bugs and robots, hundreds of weapons… and then you can replay play them on different difficulty settings. You can spend hundreds of hours with this game.


Things I didn’t

  • Subpar tech-wise: This is the best an EDF game has ever looked but it still isn’t on par with the big boys and even then it can’t get a steady 60 frames per second on the most chaotic situations.
  • Can get repetitive: It’s pretty much a game about shooting down bugs and that’s it. Played in shorter bursts is a blast but can feel repetitive after a while.


Who’d like this?

If you’re a fan of the Earth Defense Force games, you should get this one right now. It’s easily the best one in the franchise. If you didn’t like previous entries though, this won’t change your mind though cause it’s literally MORE of the same.
For any newcomer… This game is recommended if you like simply fun shooter games and don’t care much about fancy graphics.


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