Top 10 Overlooked & Underrated PS3 Games

Call of Duty, FIFA, Assassin’s Creed… Certain names on the videogame scene are synonym of success. Even their least favored iterations still manage to sell by the millions. Today we’re going to remember the other side of that coin. This is a list of PS3 games that were good but maybe they weren’t as recognised as they deserved either by critics, by sales or by both of them.

  1. Binary Domain: Honestly, I was torn out deciding if I should include this game or the also great Vanquish. They’re both third person shooters set on a futuristic world but since you can already find Vanquish on pretty much any hidden gems list already, I guess the game isn’t as overlooked as this one. Binary Domain has amazing bossfights, a surprisingly deep buddy system and makes tearing up robots to pieces as fun as it sounds.
  2. Singularity: When this FPS came out, most critics bashed it calling it a Bioshock rip-off. The similarities are there for sure, but in my book, being similar to bioshock isn’t bad. Great atmosphere, great story, fun gunplay… it really is one of the best fps’s single player campaigns on ps3.
  3. Resonance of Fate: Sure, this JRPG doesn’t have the scale of any Final Fantasy but it brings something XIII can only dream about, a deep and engaging combat system (and it’s pretty cool to look at as well). Gamers advice though, this one’s for the hardcores. The bosses in this game will beat your ass.
  4. Motorstorm: Apocalypse: This unlucky boy was planned for release when the Japan tsunami happened forcing the company to tone down the marketing campaign and result in the worst sales of the entire motorstorm franchise. Such a shame because in my opinion not only this one is the best game of the series but also the best arcade racer on ps3.
  5. Alice: Madness Returns: Go back to the ps2 era and you’ll have Jak, Ratchet, Psychonauts, Sly… the 3D platformers were all the rage. That’s not the case nowadays so that may be the reason Alice:Madness Returns wasn’t that successful. It is a great game though, lengthy and with a cool story, gameplay-wise it’s similar to a Ratchet & Clank game but with dark tone.
  6. Dragon’s Crown: I like to call this game “Golden Axe 2013”. This game feels similar to that series but it adds a thin layer of RPG elements as well. Its hand-painted visual style is stunning though critic reviews proved that it wasn’t for everyone. It is very recommended if you like D&D Chronicles of mystara but stay away if you’re afraid of large painted breasts.
  7. Darksiders 2: This game is awesome. Like with Singularity, this game was kinda bashed for copying the formula of a similar game, in this case The Legend of Zelda. But again, to me, being similar to something great is a good thing. I loved this game to pieces but it wasn’t enough to save THQ or vigil games. I can only hope that there will be a sequel.
  8. Puppeteer: 2013’s fall wasn’t the best time to release a platformer. They’re not that popular anymore and launching on that period it had to compete with big names like mario, rayman legends… So not many people bought this game but it is a great one. It’s lengthy, fun and has loads and loads of charm.
  9. Nier: I feel like it’s just unacceptable that a game like Nier has an insulting 68 score in metacritic. The story is great, it has probably the best soundtrack in years, the characters are all deep and lovable… It does show that the game might not have had the biggest budget, yeah. Some polish would have helped but it still is an amazing game. Luckyly we’re getting a sequel (Nier Automata) this year.
  10. The Saboteur: A sandbox game in the 40’s nazi-invaded paris. A game that mixes action, stealth, driving, some parkour and lots of destruction. Not to mention the great visual style reminiscent of Sin City. This game is all kinds of fun yet it sold bad enough to make the company who made it shut down. Shame.

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Runner ups: Shadows of the Damned, Under Night In-Birth exe Late, Resistance 3, Sniper Elite V2, Ratchet & Clank Nexus…


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