Briefiew: Tom Clancy’s The Division

I can say I’ve been playing the division for quite a few hours now (and more to come) and I must say that I’m loving every bit of it , from the atmosphere of the post-pandemic world of New York , to the tactics and skills you need to put in use to survive , and the cool story behind the chaos. But let me explain in further detail.

It’s not your typical shoot-em all action game, you get to do a lot of other stuff in order to advance in the game and level up, for example upgrading your base of operations is a must, otherwise you wont be able to acquire skills and perks, the main missions are very cool you can either play them by yourself or in co-op, I like that during these missions players won’t be able to attack each other, and need to work together as a team.


The side missions and encounters are required in order to upgrade the base of operation but those are a bit repetitive, but the gameplay makes it up for it, I really like the cover technique , it’s something you need to use very often when you find yourself surrounded or for attacking enemies by surprise.


The graphics are exceptional, for me, atmosphere is as important as gameplay and they nailed it on that, makes me explore and submerge into the game even more. However the character creation at the start of the game lacks customization, you will soon find yourself inside a safe house along  various other players using the same character model as you do and for me that’s not so appealing because I like originality. There is also the occasional texture pop-in that is not much of a big deal for me but I feel like it’ll be for others and it should be fixed maybe in future updates. then again , there is a large amount of clothing items you acquire and find throughout the game for your character to stand out and look unique and cool.


PvP takes action in the Dark Zone, so you better be prepared with the best gear and weapons when you get there. This Dark Zone is a very tense and dangerous place to explore, there you’ll find the best loot but you can also find the hardest game enemies as well as “Rogue Agents”, that are hostile players that will try to kill you without hesitation, but you can also find other friendly players that will help you take on enemy characters and level up faster.


Things I liked:

  • Accessible co-op gameplay action: Feels refreshing joining other fellow humans to fight in the post-apocalypse.
  • Exciting story-based missions: The main missions are well crafted and varied.
  • Weapon and Character customization: It’s always cooler raiding with the gear you like and the Division offers a good variety.
  • Stunning post-pandemic world: If there’s one thing this game gets right is the setting. New York never looked better (or should I say worse?)


Things I didn’t:

  • Lacking creation tools: The character creator at the start of the game is barebones.
  • Repetitive gameplay: The game offers a lot of content in form of side missions but it all grows repetitive in the end.


Who’d like this?

If you’re a fan of open world games, co-op gameplay and the post-apocalypse… you can’t go wrong with the division.






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