Briefiew: Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition

Three Fourths Home is a new entrance in this growing trend of “walking simulators”. Games like Journey or Everybody’s gone to the rapture, they aren’t so much about delivering an enthrilling gameplay experience but to evoque deeper emotions or telling a gripping story. That’s the case with 3/4s home.

Gameplay wise the game just consists on driving on a straight line while choosing your lines as you’re having a conversation with your family via phone. The real star of the game is then obviously the story that will be told through that conversation. Unfortunately, that makes this review so hard because I can’t tell you about any details of that without entering in spoiler territory but I can definitely say that it sure is a deep emotional story.
The added content that distinguishes this extended edition comes in form of an epilogue of an event happened prior the main story. This epilogue is shorter than the main story but it’s also brilliantly written and enters in some great meta-game of sorts I can’t detail about.
The game is very short. It won’t take you much more than an hour to see the end of the story. It has some replay value as you can start the game again and see how the conversation could divert as you choose different lines but that’s it. There’s also extra content in form of pictures and short stories.


Things I liked

  • Gripping Story: Once again, I can’t get into details why the story is worth playing but I can say that’s very well written and it does engage you to want to know more about the characters.
  • Gorgeous visual style: The minimalistic monochrome graphics of three fourths home suit really well the mood of the overall game and, honestly, it’s quite cool to look at.
  • Clever Epilogue: If it wasn’t for its briefness, the epilogue could have been another game on its own. A great extra for this extended edition.


Things I didn’t

  • Awkward Controls: This may sound strange on a game so simple in the gameplay department but the vita version of this game has the accelerator button mapped to the rear touchpad and that makes the position of your hand kinda uncomfortable.


Who’d like this?

Ultimately this depends on if you enjoy this kind of “walking simulators” or not. The game is very short but it sure leaves a long lasting impression on you.
If you enjoyed games like Dear Esther and Gone Home you’re going to want to try Three Fourths home as well and you’ll probably love it from start to finish.

<This is a review of the Vita version of the game but it’s also available on PS4 and other platforms>



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