Briefiew – Mad Riders

First off, what’s a briefiew? As you may have guessed a briefiew is a review but instead of making you waste your valuable time reading a novel long review, these ones are brief. A briefiew is supposed to tell you what a game is about, what we liked about it and what we didn’t, to recommend which kind of player would find enjoyment with certain title (if any) and that’s it.
The introduction’s done so… let’s ride.


Mad Riders is a psn title from techland, the creators of the dead island series or nail’d, the game I’m reviewing today has a lot more in common with the latter since this is a racing game involving ATV’s. The driving mechanics are very arcadey and they’ll remind you of games like burnout on the way the vehicles handle, the usage of “nitro” and its sense of speed.
Mad Rider’s main mode will make you go through 8 tiers of trials, each one featuring 5 tracks. They unlock as you win at least 10 stars on the previous tier. How long will that take you would depend on your skill but a skillful player wouldn’t take more than 5 hours to beat every challenge the game has to offer. That’s long enough considering the reduced price of this psn title but even then you’ll probably go back and play the same challenges again just for the fun of it.
There’s five types of challenges in Mad Riders. Race, stunt race, race the clock, ghost challenge, and arena.
The game only features a few ATV’s at the start but you’ll be constantly unlocking newer and faster ones as you go along the races. There’s some degree of customization in which you can change the bike’s decals and paintjob but it’s all pretty basic.
There’s also the inclusion of some buggies in the game but their appearance is anecdotic. You won’t be running over ATVs with them like in Motorstorm.


Things I liked

  • The sense of speed: Just like in burnout, Mad rider’s driving mechanics are as unrealistic as you can think of. You’ll be accelerating in the steepest hills and then you won’t need to brake at all to take the sharpest turns. You’ll be going lightning fast all the time and that’s super fun.
  • Tight Controls: Without this, the game would be worthless and frustrating but luckily the game controls like a charm.
  • Kinda Chaotic (in a good way): There’s something you won’t find in the races in Mad Riders, boring straight lines with nothing to do except keeping the accelerator pressed. In this game there’s always something to do, drifting, tricks, activating shortcuts… and the tracks are completely crazy, you’ll be climbing massive mountains and then jumping across huge cliffs constantly.


Things I didn’t

  • Kinda Chaotic (in a bad way): As fun as the tracks are in this game, by the end of it the tracks will grow to be so chaotic that you’ll start to get dizzy. Also, you’ll be falling off cliffs more constantly and that’ll may annoy you.
  • Desert Online Mode: This isn’t the game’s fault but as of today, nobody’s playing this game online so if you want some casual racing against some humans you’ll have to convince a friend of yours to get the game as well.
  • Outdated Graphics: You won’t be impressed with Mad Rider’s graphics, they’re okay and that’s it. Textures are kinda flat and if you stop to watch the scenery it won’t blow you away either. It’s not like that’s important though because you’ll be racing at such great speeds that you probably won’t notice at all.


Who’d like this?
If you’re an arcade racing fanatic you’ll probably love this game. The best of its kind it is not, but for less than 10 bucks it’s very recommended.
If you want some realistic ATV simulator though, stay away.

<This is a review from the ps3 version of the game but it’s also available on other platforms> <The pictures aren’t taken directly from the ps3 version>



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