My Top 10 Hottest Male Characters In Games

There’s a ton of lists around the interwebs about the hottest gaming girls so, for equality purposes (yeah, sure) I decided to do a top hottest guys one for the ladies and the rainbow-colored flag pals out there. Enjoy.

10. KUNG JIN (Mortal Kombat X)


Mortal Kombat’s Kung Jin caught my eye since the first moment i saw him , his egotistical and straight to the point personality , along with his unique facial structure and the way he handles his bow is enough for him to make it on my list.

9. JASON BRODY (Far Cry 3)


We don’t see much of Jason in the game since we play as him in first person but he is so handsome that i could  be happy just to watch  a 10 seconds cutscene of him. You go J!

8. Z.W.E.I. (Soul Calibur V)


ZWEI is a totally hot bad-ass fighter from Soul Calibur series , he ooze hotness even when he loses  , do i have to mention his unbuttoned pants? A plus!



Basch’s tall and muscualr body along with his piercing blue eyes and golden hair , loyal promising and fierce personality is what i would call my perfect match.



Miguel surely is red hot , his macho self and brute fighting style , tall and muscular body that loves to show off , he is a total bad boy and i looove that , he has been called the “manliest man” in the Tekken series for a reason and i approve.

5. CHRIS REDFIELD (Resident Evil Franchise)


I know most think that Leon is the hottest guy in the Resident Evil series but for me it has always been Chris , in the first game he was alright , but for his appearance in Resident Evil 5 , he got buffed up , got even manlier and hotter , heck , even his action figure doll is hot as hell , Leon may be cute and handsome , but for me Chris takes the cake.

4. DANTE (Devil May Cry Series)


Main protagonist of the Devil May Cry series is not only super attractive , he’s got great style too,  his job is to hunt and slay demons which he loves to taunt and show off , his care-free , fearless attitude is a plus , he just looks like a dreamy dark prince to me even though he is half demon , he can take me to hell anytime…



This other Dante from the same series , he has a rebellious bad boy persona match perfectly with his fighting style , like the other Dante he is fearless and loves to show off , i could never forget that opening scene where he was fighting demons naked , with model good looks and his bad ass personality , for me he is the total package.

2. JAMES VEGA (Mass Effect Series)


Where is the beef? James loves to take care of his body and it shows off , i couldn’t take my eyes off him every time i saw him during a cutscene , specially those where he was shirtless… oh my. He just makes me weak all over , do i need to say more?

1. SNOW VILLIERS (Final Fantasy Franchise)


Snow  is just extremely hot for me , with great physique and stature standing at 6’7 , he can be a real gentleman and romantic , he is very loyal , optimistic and great personality to match , Serah is a very lucky girl. He is just too dreamy , he is just so hot he could melt anything , the perfect guy to top my list , he just seems to be carved out of heaven.




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